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I’m Anna. A middle schooler who got assigned the worst project ever. Make a WEBSITE. :0 But then once I started working on it more it started to become fun. Anyway, I love horses I’ve got two of them. I’ve got two dogs, eight chickens, a pig named willow, so I basically live on a farm. we sell our eggs we catch wild pigs raise them then we sell them. I sell our horses manure. so I guess you could say farming is a pretty good business. me and my mom have a garden and we aren’t the bestĀ gardeners but we get spices like rosemary and basil, and we get a lot of tomatoes out of it. we sell them every now and then but we eat salad every day so we don’t generally need to sell our tomatoes. šŸ˜‰

(If you’d like to know more just ask ill do my best to answer)


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